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Ready to elevate your fashion routine? Bid for limited edition fashion for a fraction of the cost.
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high heat auctions

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how does it work?


frenzy in auctions

Our auctions are fast and furious. Vin Diesel would surely approve.

Buy bids for as low as €0.50 each and bid before the 10 second timer runs out. Every bid raises the auction price with a tiny €0.01. The last bidder before the clock runs out wins and stays lit.

Winners against winners.



If you win an auction, you only pay the final winning price.

This is often a few €, rather than the 100s of € in-store. No cap. And since you're King - or Queen - of the hill and won the auction, we give you all your bids back, so you can come back for more.

Flex your exclusive fashion.



Got that hype fashion in our auction? Flip it for some cash!

We offer you the fair market value in cash if you win an auction. Let's not stop there, you get a slice of the profit when we auction the item again. Too good to be true? We're all legit.

Be a hustling GOAT.



Get free bids by referring friends to FRNZY or with promo codes.

Hype fashion well below market value? Big oof. Now what if we give you some for free? Collect loyalty points through your activity, and enter those as tickets into our giveaways.

We're all fam.


Are your items Authentic?



Yes. 100%.

We partnered with one of Europe's largest resellers who does not only get us super exclusive high heat that nobody else gets, but they also ensure authenticity through years of experience.

How does it work?

How does
it work?


When the auction starts you will see a timer count down from 10 seconds to 0. If someone places a bid in that window, the auction price goes up with €0.01. If nobody places a bid, the last bidder wins the auction at his / her bid price, and also gets all their used bids returned.

How do I get Bids?

How do I 
get bids?


As a new user you get 5 free bids. On the house. These unlock when you purchase your first bids. You buy these as one-off packages - €15 / 20 bids, €30 / 50 bids or €50 / 100 bids. You can also purchase monthly subscriptions for deeper discounts.

Can I get free bids?

Can I get
free bids?


Yes. You can refer friends. When they join and make a their first purchase of bids, each of you gets 10 free bids. When you win an auction you get your used bids returned free of charge, and if you don not win the auction you get 10% of your used bids returned.

Who do I play against?

who do I
play against?


You play against people like yourself: sneakerheads, hypebeast, hustlers. Most of all - winners.

FRNZY is available in Europe and the United Kingdom. If you live there, you're in.

What do I pay?

What do
I pay?


FRNZY is free to use. However, if you want to participate in auctions you will have to purchase bids. The final price of auction items are typically a fraction of what their fair market value is.

How much is shipping?

how much
is shipping?


Nothing. Nada. Zero. As long as you live in the European Union or the United Kingdom, we will ship free of charge to you. However, if you live in the United Kingdom you are liable for paying customs duty - Blame Brexit. We do not accept returns or refunds.

How do I flip?

How do
I flip?


Want to unleash the hustler inside of you? Won an auction but rather have the cash?

Flipping is for you. Win three auctions, and you can flip. The next auction that you win, we will offer the fair market value of your item. Accept, get the cash, reschedule the auction at a time that suits you and get a slice of the auction's earnings.

what are giveaways?

What are


Win in auctions. Earn in flips. Get goodies with giveaways.

You earn OGs (loyalty points) whenever you purchase or spend bids. These OGs can be entered as tickets in our raffles for giveaway items. You decide how many OGs you put in a giveaway, but the more you put in, the higher your chances to win.

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